Enjin Coin Minecraft Build Contest

The contest has ended.

A New Era for Minecraft Servers: Enjin Coin

Enjin Block
Enjin ​is ​the ​largest gaming ​community ​creation ​platform ​ online - a proud home of over 250,000 gaming communities with 19 million gamers.
In 2017, we launched Enjin Coin - a decentralized cryptocurrency and platform to create, manage, distribute, and trade virtual goods. Learn more here!
Guess what?
We’re developing a Minecraft plugin and Java SDK that will soon introduce Enjin Coin to all Enjin-powered Minecraft Servers!

Win Epic Prizes!

Prize Trophies
$2,000 USD CASH + 10,000 ENJ + Ultimate Plan (1yr)
$1,000 USD CASH + 5,000 ENJ + Ultimate Plan (1yr)
$500 USD CASH + 2,500 ENJ + Ultimate Plan (1yr)
10x will receive 1,000 ENJ + Advanced Plan (1yr)
30x will receive 750 ENJ

How to Enter

1. Build
Block by block, either by yourself or as a team, build a structure on a Minecraft multiplayer server (any mode).

The main rule is that you must feature the Enjin Coin logo and we encourage you to be as creative as you’d like! From pixel art to quirky redstone contraptions, you have all the freedom to experiment and play around. Surprise us - and everyone else! View the Rules.
2. Record
All done? Great! Make a video out of it, include music if you want or even chit-chat a bit - up to you! You can also record as you build!
3. Upload
Upload the video to your YouTube channel. Make sure that the title and description include #EnjinCraft hashtag!
4. Submit
Finally, enter by submitting your video in the box at the top of the website.You can also complete the other steps in the contest - which increases your chances of winning some of our random lottery rewards.
5. Vote
Your video entry will appear on the voting page - and you’re totally allowed to share it far and wide and ask everyone to vote for your creation. The top three most voted builds will win one of our amazing main prizes - and even if you don’t get them, you still have a shot at winning some of the bonus ones.
Good Luck!

Contest Rules & Terms

Contest Timeline
Submissions are open: 11th of December 2017
Submissions are closed: 25th of December 2017

Winners are Announced & Prizes Given Out:
5th of January 2018
Contest Rules
  1. Build entry must be submitted in video format, as a YouTube video link.
  2. The video title and description must contain the #EnjinCraft hashtag.
  3. The Minecraft build entry must feature an Enjin Coin logo.
  4. The Minecraft build entry must be appropriate. (Keep the build PG-13!)
  5. All contestants that perform at least one action, including only submitting the video, are eligible for winning the Bonus prizes. Contestants that are eligible for the Main Prizes are only those that submit a Minecraft build video adhering to the aforementioned rules.
  6. Any contestants that use fraudulent methods or otherwise attempt to circumvent the rules will be disqualified from the contest.
  7. You may enter only once, as an individual or a team. If you’re entering the Contest as a team, you have to choose a team representative that may enter only once. You must provide the information requested.
  8. Violation of the Contest Terms and Conditions will result in disqualification.